Friday, 1 June 2018

Glasgow - Even More Equal Pay Updates!

Here's statement from the GMB on the latest development in the fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council. 

I think this speaks for itself and there's no need for further comment from me - not least because its short, sharp and to the point. 


Earlier today a communication was received from the Council discussing some demands made on Equal Pay. These commitments were to complete the equal pay negotiations by the end of the year, to scrap WPBR and to implement a new, fully funded job evaluation scheme.

GMB’s position is that there is no material change in the situation following this letter.

We have made the mistake before of accepting promises that have not materialised and we won’t do that again.

We will continue to work towards strike action until we have tangible progress on a fair and full settlement on equal pay. We are a long way away from the Council accepting the Claimants' position on what should be included in settlement and until agreement is reached, we will continue our fight.

We will update members with any further information.