Friday, 1 June 2018

Glasgow - 'Blessed Are The Peacemakers'

Stefan Cross gently bashes a few heads together and calls for more discipline on the Claimants Side - in the ongoing fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council! 



This is rather different response to the UNISON Post on Facebook

I have to say this would have been my response. Thanks for the promises GCC but NOW DELIVER THEM and only then will we withdraw the strike threat.

On a more negative note. It’s again unilateral action by the union. There are 3 organisations in this fight, unison gmb and A4ES. We are supposed to be a claimant group. 

We have a meeting on Tuesday. WHAT WAS THE RUSH? why could we not have discussions before each organisation put out a Response? 

There were no deadlines and all the power was on our side after the Great ballot results. Instead we look disunited and unhappy with each other.

Bit of an own goal from the claimant side I think.

Hopefully we can patch things up on Tuesday.