Saturday, 16 June 2018

For The Few, Not The Many

The HIGNFY (Have I Got News For You) team have some fun with today's 'Labour Live' event in London, which has been dubbed 'Jezzfest' as if Jeremy Corbyn were some kind of ageing rock star.

In any event, ticket sales have been so slow that Unite and Len McClusjey have stepped and thrown some money around in a desperate effort to save the day.   


Waste Of Members’ Money! (28/05/18)

Unite members will be interested to learn that union bosses have spent a sizeable chunk of their union dues on free tickets to 'Jezfest' - a music festival being held in London next month to promote Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.  

What a terrible waste of union members money if you ask me, but read the full story in the following link to Politics Home and decide for yourself.

Unite gives away a thousand tickets to Labour music festival after poor sales
By Liz Bates - Politics Home

Unite has stepped in to buy a thousand tickets for Labour’s troubled music festival Labour Live following disappointing sales.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses the crowd at last year's Glastonbury - Credit: PA

The union announced that it will be giving away 1,000 tickets to the event – dubbed 'Jezfest' – which would have cost £35 at full price.

As part of the offer, it also promised to provide free travel for those who needed it.

Jeremy Corbyn insists Labour music festival will be 'huge success' despite poor ticket sales

Ed Miliband among leading Labour moderates speaking at Momentum festival

Jeremy Corbyn invited to join the stars at Glastonbury festival

The move follows reports of poor ticket sales, prompting fears the party could suffer major financial losses of up to £1m.

The event takes place on 16 June at the White Hart Lane recreation ground in Tottenham, north London, which has a capacity of around 20,000. However, only 2,500 tickets have reportedly been sold so far.

Bands already confirmed to appear include the Magic Numbers and Reverend and the Makers, while Mr Corbyn himself, John McDonnell, and left-wing columnist Owen Jones are scheduled to speak.

In an effort to boost uptake, Labour MPs have also been urged to use their Twitter and Facebook accounts to drum up support for the event.

They were told in an email: "MPs are asked to help promote the festival – including amongst their own CLP members - by sharing the below tweets or facebook posts on their social media accounts.

"We’re (sic) written a selection of tweets for you to send out from your CLP/MP account. Pick one or two that you like best."

In a message sent out to Labour members, Unite said: “If you are quick you have the chance to book a free ticket for the event.

“Unite have 1,000 tickets to give away on a first-come first-served basis… Contact your local Labour party regional office to find out about the free travel services we’re providing.”

A Labour spokesperson responded: “Labour Live is one of the ways we’re continuing to open up politics to a wider audience and spread Labour’s message about how we can build a society that works for the many, not the few.

“We welcome the support of the wider labour movement.”

Scaredy Cat Unions and Dead Sheep (12/05/18)

I promised to say my tuppence worth about the 'scaredy cats' at Unite once I stopped laughing at the bizarre statement issued on the union's behalf.

Here's the killer paragraph which had me laughing like a drain: 

"The reason for walking out was because this outside body should not have a say on the new job evaluation scheme that the council are trying to implement. .This is an external body and should not be given that kind of power as these people have no such experience or expertise in these complex matters..Council officials and Trade Unions are the ones who should be involved in setting out anything to do with job evaluation and ow best to protect our terms and conditions."

Now the first thing to say is that Unite's confidence in 'council officials' is very touching, but is badly misplaced because these same senior officials are the ones who commissioned and introduced the 'unfit for purpose' WPBR in the first place.

Along with its 37 hour 'rule' and discriminatory practices overtime working and holiday pay arrangements etc etc.

And, of course, Unite are not going to restrain or influence the City Council's 'wise' officials second time around because Unite have played no role in the hearings at the Employment Tribunal, Employment Appeal Tribunal or the Court of Session - which finally resulted in the WPBR pay scheme being condemned as 'unfit for purpose' in Scotland's highest civil court.

Now trying to ride on the coat tails of A4ES, Unison and GMB is one thing, but 'telling your granny how to suck eggs' is quite another, so it's little wonder that angry union members are leaving Unite to join Unison or GMB.


Scaredy Union Cats and Dead Sheep (11/05/18)

Stefan Cross is none too impressed with the behaviour of the scaredy union cats at Unite who have been about as much use as a 'chocolate teapot', up until now, in the long fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council. 

I'll have more to say myself in the next day or two (once I manage to stop laughing), but as the old  Labour warhorse Dennis Healey might have said - being attacked on equal pay by Unite is like 'being savaged by a 'dead sheep'.