Friday, 11 August 2017

Mirror, Mirror.....

I can't say I've ever agreed with Kim Jong Un on the blog site up until now, but the North Korean despot may have a point. 


Dictators vs Demagogues (16/04/17)

The Times cartoonist Peter Brookes on the rising tensions surrounding North Korea and the response of the equally unpredictable Donald Trump.


Dictators and Demagogues (15/04/17)

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I find it difficult to decide who is the bigger danger on the world stage at the moment - the deluded dictator in Pyonyang or the dangerous demagogue occupying the White House.

Kim Jong-un has been cocooned from reality from an early age, is clearly very unstable and represents a serious threat to other countries in that part of the world. 

Yet Donald Trump is equally unpredictable, volatile even, and seems to have acquired a taste for using America's military power abroad as a means of boosting his political fortunes at home.