Wednesday, 28 December 2016

O Christmas Tree!

The Times cartoonist Morten Morland pretty much nailed the present state of politics with his take on festive Christmas trees.

I particularly like Donald Trump as a vulgar looking KKK tree with Ukip leader Nigel Farage desperately trying to jump on board with his new best chum (or so he thinks).


Lollygagging Leader

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No sooner do I write about Nigel Farage trying to ingratiate himself even further with Donald Trump, that the oily former Ukip leader turns up at Trump Tower in New York.

Now it should be noted that Mr Farage's day job is that of an MEP (Member of the European Parliament) which last time I looked was in Brussels and Strasborug - not on the eastern seaboard of America .

So Farage 'lollygagging' around the Big Apple at the taxpayers' expense seems quite outrageous to me and hopefully someone is running a keen eye over his expenses.

Nigel Farage visits Donald Trump’s New York headquarters 

Nigel Farage in the lobby of Trump Tower. Picture; GettyNigel Farage in the lobby of Trump Tower. Picture; Getty

Nigel Farage has visited Donald Trump’s headquarters in New York - but it is unclear whether he met the United States president-elect. Earlier, the former Ukip leader said he did not plan to meet Mr Trump because the controversial tycoon was “busy with other stuff”.


American Gothic (15/12/16)

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The Times cartoonist Peter Brookes has some fun with the iconic American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. 

I presume the inspiration for the cartoon comes from the loathsome Nigel Farage who has been touting for work with the new American President-elect, Donald Trump.


Loathsome Creature (23/11/16)

One of the distinctive features of American politics, up until recently, is the respect shown towards the office of President of the United States (POTUS).

But that tradition has been abandoned during Barack Obama's two terms of office in which America's first black President has been attacked on an unprecedented and personal level by his political opponents.

Including political pygmies like Nigel Farage who had the cheek the other day to call President Obama a "creature" and a 'loathsome individual" who couldn't stand the UK according to the UKIP leader who has failed repeatedly to win a seat in the House of Commons.

Just the other day Donald Trump, America's new President-elect suggested that Nigel Farage might be a good choice as the UK's ambassador to the United States. 

Trump tweet re Farage

Now what this had to do with Donald Trump is a good question because Nigel Farage is to diplomacy what bulls are to China shops.

If you ask me Nigel cooked up this wizard wheeze during his 'Gissa job' visit to New York, which was a handy diversion from UKIP tearing itself apart and recent allegations that UKIP has misspent almost £500,000 of EU funding on its pro-Brexit campaign. 


Ukip in trouble for overspending on Brexit campaign

Ukip is in hot water for their misuse of funds (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Ukip misspent almost half a million pounds of EU funding on its own electioneering and pro-Brexit campaigning.
The shocking misuse of funds, which was revealed in a leaked audit seen by Sky News, reveals that the party splashed taxpayers cash on polling in key Ukip target constituencies before the General Election and again ahead of the EU referendum.
The audit, which was drawn up for the European Parliament Bureau, puts the total misspend at more than £430,486.82 by ADDE.

Although this includes other European parties, the ‘lion’s share’ – more than £386,961 – was misspent by Ukip.

On the EU referendum specifically, auditors added: ‘Several polling can be considered as financing of a referendum campaign which violates 8(4)… prohibiting the financing of referenda campaigns.’
Meanwhile, Ukip is apparently ‘furious’ about the audit being leaked, hinting to Sky reporters that it had been released by the European Parliament itself.
Confirming that the party and ADDE were investigating the claims, a source said they were ‘not surprised that it has been leaked to the press before the party has had a chance to see it’.

They misspent EU funds on general election polling and EU referendum campaigning (Picture: Getty Images)

Ukip hinted to Sky News that the audit was leaked by the European Parliament (Picture: Getty Images)
According to the external audit, the money was used to fund polling in Great Grimsby and Thurrock, Rochester and Strood, and Cardiff South and Penarth – all of which were target seats for Ukip in the 2015 general election.

After the election, the party continued to fund several EU referendum attitude polls across the country.

The European Parliament Bureau will be making a final decision next Monday.

If it agrees with the audit’s conclusions, Ukip could be made to pay back more than £146,185, and will be prevented from claiming hundreds of thousands of pounds more.
Snake Oil Salesmen (21/02/16)
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Two good reasons for voting Yes to Europe in the June referendum - a right pair of political chancers.

Bucket, Porridge, Farage (11/05/13)

Porage or Porridge Oats 
I really enjoyed Matthew Parris poking fun in The Times the other day - at the hugely pretentious behaviour of UKIP's 'Del Boy' leader, Nigel Farage.

I think Matthew Parris may just have stumbled upon Nigel's Achilles Heel - the use of humour to poke fun at people who behave in this ridiculously pompous way - instead of coming across all red faced, angry and po-faced. 

Come to think of it, the 'Farridge versus Faraage' debacle may help to explain why UKIP has failed to ignite in Scotland - since we Scots are so generally very disapproving of people with affected airs and graces.

And in support my theory, I just remembered that I was at college and university with a chap called Neil Farage - and Farridge is how he and we pronounced his name. I wonder where he is now?

So if UKIP's poll ratings begin to drop like a heavy stone - remember, you heard it here first.   

"Farage disparaged"

"A number of voices are this week calling the UKIP leader “Nigel Farridge”. This is to be encouraged. It is almost four years since, in this Diary column (September 10, 2009) I deplored Mr F’s poncified pronunciation of his own name, as in “massage” or “entourage” rather than the good old English forage, cribbage or cabbage. Like the way Hyacinth Bucket switched to Bouquet, and pretentious nitwits are now pronouncing “homage” as om-ahge.

And this from a professed Europhobe! Nigel Farage responded with good humour in our Letters column, confessing that his family name used to be pronounced and spelt “Farridge” — but that someone wrote “Farage” on a marriage certificate in 1890 and “Farage” it stayed. Mr F went on to accuse my ancestors of “Frenchifying” our own name, Parris, but this is the opposite of the truth: the double “r” distances us from Paris. Anyway, he concluded: “I suspect it is a little too late for rebranding.” Oh no it isn’t, Mr Farridge."

Snake Oil Salesman (14/09/14)

The Independent newspaper has given George Galloway a platform to share his views about Scottish independence, but because he has so little of substance to say the little man with a giant ego falls back on his trademark - the 'purple prose' which marks him out as the Ray Harryhausen of UK politics.

In this case George conjures up an image of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany in support of his argument four a No vote in the referendum, as if the politics of fascism have any relevance to the debate about whether Scotland should become an independent country.

But in his inimitable way George goes on to talk nonsense, for example his assertion that Scotland has 'decisively fallen out of love with New Labour' when the truth is that north of the border New Labour never gained much traction in the first place.

The reality is that Scottish Labour has fallen between two stools, never quite standing up for its Old Labour values or embracing the 'modernising' New Labour programme of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown which came to the fore after 18 consecutive years of Conservative rule at Westminster. 

The SNP has exploited Scottish Labour's ambivalence to New Labour ruthlessly and very effectively, stealing the party's clothes and moving to the political left, so much so that Scottish Labour is now regarded as neither fish nor fowl.

And that has been the case for years as Scottish Labour has bones through an amazing number of leaders: Donald Dewar, Henry McLeish, Jack McConnell, Wendy Alexander, Iain Gray and now Johann Lamont - the latter having voted against Scottish devolution in 1979 before going on to become an MSP in the Scottish Parliament in 1999.

The other point George gets badly wrong is to blame the Tory bogeyman for the decision not to have a second 'Devo Max' question on the independence ballot paper because this ridiculous position was supported by all of the Westminster based UK parties at the time - including Labour and the Lib Dems.    

So if you ask me, George, a politician who supports self-determination around the world yet not in Scotland, doesn't know what he's talking about which is why he failed to be elected to the Scottish Parliament in 2011 having been roundly rejected by the voters of Glasgow who can see through his 'snake oil salesman' political pitch.