Saturday, 3 December 2016

North Lanarkshire Update

Good news to report from North Lanarkshire.

The Council has agreed to the suggestion from A4ES/HBJ Gateley that the Settlement Agreement for night shift Home Support Workers should be amended to protect the interests of those who are appealing their award of NLC Grade 6.

Only 38 A4ES clients are affected which means that they are being issued with new paperwork, but in the event that their appeal is successful the staff involved will then be paid the difference between NLC Grade 6 and NLC Grade 7.

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North Lanarkshire Update (02/12/16)

Night shift Home Support Workers in North Lanarkshire were told back in June that their jobs were worth only NLC Grade 6, as opposed to the higher NLC Grade 7 awarded to their day-shift colleagues.

Now I couldn't understand this at the time and I've seen no evidence that would justify such a big difference in people's pay.

Sure things are different at night, but my knowledge of the job suggest that night shift is just as demanding because that's when people require a lot of help with their personal care, for example with dressing and undressing, toiling  washing and showering etc.

What I also can't understand is that the NLC Grade 6 decision is being appealed, so I'm told, yet all these months later an appeal hearing has still to be heard.

A4ES has paused settlement offers in respect of night shift HSWs, for the moment, to ensure that clients are not prejudiced by the ongoing appeal.

The sensible thing for the Council to do (which A4ES) has suggested is to pay what people are due as things stand at NLC Grade 6, but to agree to pay the difference between NLC Grade 6 and 7 if the appeal is successful.     

So far, the Council has still to respond but hopefully they will see the sense in doing the right thing - after all it's almost Christmas! 


North Lanarkshire Update (19/06/16)

A number of readers from North Lanarkshire have been in touch to ask if the Council's late-running job evaluation (JE) review has awarded grade NLC 6 to night shift Home Care Workers rather than NLC 7.

Well that's certainly my reading of the report to the Policy & Resources Committee, but there's nothing in the document to explain or justify any difference between day and night shift workers. 

As ever, the solution is for the Council to publish full details of the scheme so people can see what is being proposed for themselves, but even now the workforce is being kept in the dark.

Quite deliberately, I would say, and the trade unions appear to be acting as cheerleaders for the Council instead of standing up for the interests of their lowest paid members.