Monday, 19 December 2016

Merry Christmas, Mr President

Alec Baldwin and the team at Saturday Night Live had great fun the other night with an unscheduled visit to the White House by none other than President Vladimir Putin.

Seems like President-elect Trump is the gift that keeps on giving, and in more ways than one.


Happy Birthday, Mr President (09/10/14)

Back in 1962 the 'beautiful people' surrounding the then President of the United States, John F Kennedy, arranged for Marilyn Monroe to sing 'Happy Birthday, Mr President' live on stage ahead of his 45th birthday.

I was reminded of this the other day when I saw a schmaltzy clip of Russian schoolchildren singing a birthday tribute to President Vladimir Putin on state TV which is yet another sign that Russia is gripped by a fierce cult of the personality.

Because where else in the world would you find a state broadcaster organising such sycophantic message aimed at the country's head of state?

North Korea and Zimbabwe spring to mind. 

Happy Birthday, Mr President (11/10/12)

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I missed Vladimir Putin's birthday last Sunday.

So here's a nice cartoon of the Russian President in one of his Action Man poses - in his judo black belt having beaten (or beaten up) the three young women members of Pussy Riot (a punk music band) who were jailed recently for singing an anti-Putin protest song in an Orthodox Church. 

Yesterday one of the three members of Pussy Riot was released from prison - where she and her colleagues have been locked up since March 2012 - yet to their credit the band members show no sign of backing down or giving up their fight.

The cartoonist is Patrick Blower whose work appears regularly in The Telegraph and Guardian newspapers.