Sunday, 11 December 2016

Glasgow City Council Update

I have heard from the first A4ES equal pay claimants in the local electoral ward and constituency of Glasgow City Council leader Frank McAveety and First Minister/MSP Nicola Sturgeon.

But I could to with some more volunteers, preferably in a variety of different council jobs as this will have maximum effect.

So spread the word amongst friends and co-workers in Glasgow City Council on Twitter and Facebook because the more people who get involved the sooner this will all be over.

Remember the old saying - many hands make light work!


Glasgow City Council Update (09/12/16)

A4ES clients in Glasgow have a crucial role to play in persuading the City Council to live up to its obligations over equal pay.

I am keen to make contact with A4ES clients in Glasgow who have Cllr. Frank McAveety as their local councillor and Nicola Sturgeon as their local MSP.

Frank McAveety is a Labour councillor in the city's Shettleston ward and the current Council Leader; Nicola Sturgeon is the Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) for Glasgow Southside and also Scotland's First Minister .

A4ES clients can check if they live within the Shettleston ward or Glasgow Southside constituency by visiting one of the following links:

Glasgow City Council link

Scottish Parliament link

If any A4ES clients living in these two areas get in touch, I'll explain what I have in mind: