Thursday, 15 December 2016

Glasgow and Equal Pay

I was interested in this piece from The Herald newspaper which reports that a Labour MSP (Neil Findlay) has called for an "urgent independent pay audit" on behalf of the workers employed on the new Queensferry Crossing across the River Forth.

Two points struck me as I read The Herald article:

1 Why didn't Labour MSPs show the same enthusiasm for independent pay audits during the long fight for equal pay?

2 If it's so easy for an individual MSP to get a quick and positive response from the Scottish Government , surely MSPs in Glasgow will be queuing up to support the A4ES campaign to hold Glasgow City Council to account over its  post-job evaluation pay arrangements? 

If claimants in Glasgow get behind this campaign (the trade unions are welcome to join in as well), I am confident we can make equal pay and the City Council's pay arrangements a big issue in the run-unto the local council elections in May 2017.

MSP calls for Queensferry Crossing probe as workers' pay and safety questioned

Jane Barlow/PA Wire

By Brian Donnelly - The Herald

AN MSP has called for an investigation into claims workers on the Queensferry Cressing have been paid below industry rates and are working amid health and safety breaches.

Lothian Labour MSP Neil Findlay has called for an "urgent independent pay audit of the workers engaged on the project", raising concerns about a Portugese sub-contractor and also pay rates for tradesmen it is claimed are £4 an hour below industry minimum.

He is to meet with Scottish Economy Secretary Keith Brown along with officials from construction union UCATT on Thursday and a Scottish Government spokesman said the audit would be one of the issues discussed at the meeting.