Saturday, 3 December 2016

Calling Glasgow

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A small number of A4ES Glasgow clients have received letters asking about their representation at the Employment Tribunals in the ongoing case against Glasgow City Council.

The letter stems from an attempt by the GMB union to 'poach' clients from A4ES several years ago which ended up with some people unwittingly registering a second and completely unnecessary equal pay claim via the GMB.

The GMB 'sacked' the solicitors involved earlier this year and appointed Thompsons Solicitors instead who are trying to clear up the GMB's mess.

So if you are a long-standing client of A4ES and have received one of these letters, you should confirm that you wish HBJ Gateley to continue too act on your behalf.

HBJ Gateley have been working closely with Action 4 Equality Scotland since September 2015 and have been doing a great job into the bargain.

Please spread the word to friends and co-workers.


**Stop Press** (04/09/15)

Action 4 Equality Scotland is pleased to announce that arrangements have been agreed for HBJ Gateley to take over the representation of A4ES clients, with immediate effect, as far as future work at the Employment Tribunals is concerned. 

HBJ Gateley is a large and highly respected law firm, one of the most successful in Scotland, and the arrangements with A4ES follow on from those made previously with Stefan Cross Solicitors, Fox Cross Solicitors and Fox and Partners Solicitors.

I have personal experience of working with HBJ Gateley in the past and I am confident that A4ES clients will continue to receive the same first class level of service they are entitled to expect. 

More information will follow in the days ahead, but as I said in an earlier post to the blog site there is no need for A4ES clients to do anything at this stage - other than to sit tight.

Breaking News (17/08/15)

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I've had a few enquiries today from readers who are a bit confused about letters they have received from Fox and Partners Solicitors which is ceasing to practice at the end of this month.

The position is that Fox and Partners (FAP) is the latest in a line of law firms which Action 4 Equality Scotland has instructed to represent our clients interests at Employment Tribunal hearings, the others being Stefan Cross Solicitors and Fox Cross Solicitors. 

So all former equal pay clients of FAP continue to be clients of Action 4 Equality Scotland and A4ES will take responsibility for any further legal instructions that may be necessary, as far as future tribunal proceedings are concerned. 

As such, A4ES clients do not need to look for new solicitors themselves and, in fact, they should not do so as any new solicitor will charge for their services.

In other words there is no need for A4ES clients to do anything at this stage, other than to sight tight because A4ES will be in touch as soon as there are any developments to report.

So, please spread the word and let other A4ES clients know the score, especially those without access to the blog site via the internet.