Friday, 27 August 2010

Equal Pay for Women

Refuse workers in West Lothian are apparently going on strike - in a local dispute over equal pay.

The details are rather sparse, but the important question to ask is:

"Why do the trade unions always get their knickers in a twist about equal pay for bonus earning male workers - when there has never been a single strike in favour of equal pay for women?"

Now whether a strike is the right tactic is a moot point - but you get my general drift here, no doubt.

As soon as the interests of traditional male workers is threatened - the trade unions are manning the barricades.

But for years the trade unions simply ignored the fact - that their women members were being taken for a ride.

The trade unions just turned a blind eye to the fact that a Home Carer or a Cook earned only £6.00 an hour - while a street sweeper or refuse worker earned £9.00 or £10.00 an hour.

The unions - as a friend said to me recently - are a disgrace when it comes to equal pay.