Thursday, 26 August 2010

Elephant in the Room

Trust the GMB to miss the elephant in the room - and to go off on a tangent about something of no real importance to their members.

The GMB is banging on about some head teacher in London - who earned over £200,000 last year - which the GMB has uncovered using the Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation.

Now one person - even a high flying head teacher - should not be earning two full-time salaries from two separate full-time jobs - out of the public purse.

Even though MPs and other politicians have been getting away with doing just that for years - two wrongs don't make a right.

So, the GMB makes a fair point - but just where has the union been all these years?

Where was the union in exposing the big pay differences between male and female council jobs - which directly affected the interests of its own members?

Instead of dealing with the real issue - the elephant in the room - the GMB takes the easy option and has a pop at some head teacher in London.

Well that won't win them many brownie points with low paid members in South Lanarkshire for example - which is an equal pay free zone for the unions Scotland - including the GMB.

The fact is that the GMB is completely uninterested in the big pay differences between male and female council jobs - in places like Hamilton or East Kilbride.

Yet the union is as keen as mustard - apparently - about exposing unlikely looking pay arrangements in the heart of London.

GMB members in South Lanarkshire will be scratching their heads in confusion - over the strange priorities of their union leaders.