Friday, 11 June 2010

Fox Cross Solicitors

Great news for people seeking help and advice.

Fox Cross Solicitors now has a web site which is going live this weekend. The web site contains a wealth of information - on a wide variety of subjects including:
  • Equal Pay

  • Equality and Discrimination

  • General Employment Law

  • Trade Union Members

  • Foreign Workers

Have a look at the web site by visiting - - here's what the web site has to say about Carol Fox and Stefan Cross.

Carol Fox

Carol is a qualified solicitor and is an Accredited Specialist in Discrimination Law by the Law Society of Scotland. Carol is dedicated to representing claimants and ONLY represents employees and workers. She leads the team in the Edinburgh office. Before establishing this law firm Carol was Head of Litigation for Scotland at Stefan Cross Solicitors, and prior to that Carol was Head of Equality for Scotland at Thompsons Solicitors. Through her strong advocacy skills Carol has successfully achieved many hundreds of positive outcomes for clients at Employment Tribunals.

Carol also has a particular interest in resolving workplace issues outside the full tribunal process. She is an advocate of the mediation process and has had further training in mediation. With over 20 years' experience advising and representing people in difficult circumstances, Carol has also worked with Equal Opportunities Commission, and as a full time trade union official in Scotland and London. Carol can truly identify with the stressful issues employees go through at work especially when related to inequality and discrimination matters. Carol is a proud and positive single mum of one.

Stefan Cross

Stefan Cross is recognised as one of the UK's leading employment lawyers. He was rated as one of the “Top 100” lawyers in the UK by The Times in 2008.

Stefan established his first law firm in Newcastle in 2002 and specialised in equal pay claims. The introduction of the 1997 Single Status Agreement (SSA) was influenced by a case Stefan successfully fought on behalf of the GMB union against Cleveland Council in 1995. The case resulted in £5 million being paid to 1,500 council employees. He has now lodged over 30,000 equal pays claims throughout Scotland and England and is described as ‘a dominating presence in equal pay class action’ - Chambers 2009.

Stefan is a father of four children and is a passionate supporter of Newcastle United Football Club.