Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Spineless Performance

Private Eye, the UK's best and only fortnightly satirical magazine, had some fun with its front cover recently at Jeremy Corbyn's expense.

After the local elections results in England, I think it's fair to say that Jeremy has paid a heavy price for his 'spineless' performance in failing to stand up to anti-Semitism in Labour's ranks.


Cult of Corbyn (27/03/18)

Here's another great Twitter joke which pokes fun, for good reason, at the cult of Corbyn and his local difficulties involving a London mural.

"I sincerely regret that I did not look more closely at the image, the contents of which are deeply disturbing and anti-Semitic"


Eagle Images and Weasel Words (26/03/18)

Much fun was had on Twitter at the weekend with lots of posts mocking Jeremy Corbyn's 'weasel words' over not looking more clearly at an anti-semitic mural before declaring his support on Facebook.

My favourite, so far at least, was this comment from the journalist Euan McColm:

“i only glanced at it but i thought it was a parrot carrying an electric fan.”

Now that is funny - eat your heart out Private Eye and the Have I Got News for You (HIGNFY) Team!


The Corbyn Effect (07/05/18)

While the Corbyn faithful keep repeating their mantra of 'just one more heave' - I think  The Times cartoonist Peter Brookes has a more accurate analysis of Thursday's local election results in England in which Labour failed to capture any of its target seats.


The Corbyn Effect (05/05/18)

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn predicted huge gains in yesterday's local council elections in England, but ended up losing even Barnet Council in London (a key target) where the Conservatives gained overall control.

Maybe it's time that diehard Corbyn supporters woke up to the fact that Jeremy is part of the problem - rather than part of the the solution.

The latest YouGov poll confirms that the Labour leader is in third place for 'Best Time Minister' behind the Don't Knows.


Jeremy the Jellyfish (21/04/18)

The Times reports on yet another disturbing report of anti-semitism in the Labour Party and while Jeremy Corbyn's biggest fans insist he "there's not an anti-semitic bone in his body" it's self-evident that Jeremy has no talent for leadership. 

Because while he condemns all forms of nastiness everywhere, the Labour leader never confronts or calls out his own supporters - by their names or deeds.

So the Peter Brookes cartoon portraying Jeremy as a 'Jellyfish' strikes a chord and not just over Labour's self-inflicted anti-semitism row.

Because the Labour leader has failed to show any leadership over Brexit which the great majority of Labour supporters oppose, Russia's involvement in the the Salisbury chemical weapon attack or recent events in Syria where the murderous regime of Bashar al Assad is again gassing its own people. 



Labour Party broadcast star Lassaad Laouini called Jews ‘evil’new

By David Brown - The Times

Lassaad Laouini appeared in a Labour Party promotional film about homelessness

A star of a Labour party political broadcast referred to Jews as “evil” in social media messages that also criticised Israel.

Lassaad Laouini, 47, the general manager of Leeds Grand Mosque, appeared in a film shown on ITV and the BBC last week discussing homelessness.

The Labour Party has said it is reviewing the production processes for the promotional films after being alerted to Mr Laouini’s social media comments and those of a former supporter of the British National Party who appeared in a previous broadcast.

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday attempted to distance himself from antisemitic abuse by some his supporters, saying none of it was “ever done in my name”.

In 2011 Mr Laouini posted a link on Facebook to a report claiming Israel was planning to become involved in the Libyan civil war with the comment “The Zionist give a helping hand to their evil fellow jew”.

He also criticised the former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, writing: “Hitler burned Jews for his people but Hosni burned his people for the Jews.” Mr Laouini described the coup against the Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013 as being led by “unethical state media, the traitor Albaradai, Israel”. He described Israel as a “Zionist entity”.

Corbyn Hymnal (10/04/18)

David Aaronovitch hit the nail on the head with his Twitter post about Jeremy Corbyn whose stock response to any nasty or difficult situation is to condemn bad acts everywhere - but not the actual perpetrators of the acts in question

So whether it's examples of anti-semitism in the Labour Party or a chemical weapons attack in Salisbury or Syriia for that matter, the Labour leader carefully positions himself on the side of 'everyone' and 'no one' at the same time which avoids Jeremy having to explain where he stands on the big issues of the day.

The Corbyn hymnal. Lord, I condemn bad acts everywhere (but not the the actual perpetrators of these acts), bring us an investigation (another one, there have already been several, but let's not mention those) and make us decisive , but but not yet.


I See No Shits (29/03/18)


Peter Brookes gets to the heart of the issue with his cartoon in The Times which has Jeremy Corbyn turning a blind eye to anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party.

The latest revelation is that Christine Shawcroft, a Corbyn supporter, has been forced to resign a chair of an important disputes committee after an email was leaked to The Times showing that Ms Shawcroft had opposed the suspension of a Holocaust denier. 

Corbyn has indeed shown his true colours in recent weeks - first Brexit, then Russia, yet he still uses the wrong end of the telescope to consider a problem that is staring at him straight in the face.