Wednesday, 25 March 2020

We Need To Talk About Alex (1)

Alex Salmond's acquittal on criminal charges of sexual assault at the High Court in Edinburgh has opened the door for both madness and thoughtful comment about the underlying issues.

Here's an example of the latter by Annie Brown in the Daily Record - read the full article via the link below.


Women were up against a Goliath and lost but Alex Salmond should not be let back in SNP

Annie Brown says the women involved gained nothing but anguish and that the former First Minister's behaviour although not criminal was nonetheless unacceptable.

By Annie Brown - Daily Record

They were accused of ­orchestrating a politically ­motivated campaign, although it was never clear what the conspiracy theorists thought these women had to gain. They were up against a Goliath – they lost and gained nothing but anguish.

The nine, all of whom are professional women, knew they risked their careers by speaking out.

Before their allegations even reached police, never mind the courts, the women were being vilified by some in the SNP for raising complaints against its mighty stalwart.

Independence fundamentalists considered them traitors to the greater cause by coming forward.