Monday, 30 March 2020

Trump's Leaving' Today!

The Late Show bids a not so fond farewell to Donald Trump who is leaving his home town of New York at a time of the city's greatest crisis - worse even than the harrowing events of  9/11. 

Good riddance if you ask me - I'm sure this is one 'Native New Yorker' who won't be missed.


Murder in Manhattan (11/09/19)

I occasionally re-post on the blog site the words of a poem I wrote many years ago in the wake of 9/11.

I decided to do so again this year because of the news that America's biggest hypocrite, Donald J Trump, had invited Taliban leaders to Camp David on the very eve of 9/11. 

Having had the bare-faced cheek to castigate President Barack Obama for even daring to talk to the Taliban back in 2012.


Murder in Manhattan (11/09/19)

I wrote a poem about the attack on America on September 11th 2001 shortly after watching the two hijacked civilian planes slam into the Twin Towers in New York.

I've taken to publishing what I wrote on the blog site every September, but I have to say the whole business is given added poignancy this year.

Especially after the ludicrous comments from Labour's Jeremy Corbyn in which he alleges some kind of 'moral equivalence' between the death of Osama bin Laden and the cold-blooded killing of thousands of innocent people (including many Muslims) by a gang of murderous Islamist fanatics. 


Murder in Manhattan

As I watched the terrible events in New York on 9/11 2001 l wrote down my feelings at the time and here is what came out:

Murder in Manhattan

Death came unseen one morning

Out of a beautiful clear blue sky

On friendly wings

Innocent lives snuffed out by fanatics

Kill and be killed


Alien to humanity or common sense

Brutal and wicked beyond belief

Shocking, horrible to behold

Beamed live to homes across the world

Loved ones consumed by fireballs

Never to say goodbye

Lost in the rubble or jumping for their lives

Desperate and fearful

How much did they suffer?

Only loss and despair for those left behind

And terrible anger

At the waste of so many lives

Can hope and dignity survive?

To triumph over such barbarism

Provocation and restraint

Honour your dead

Protect your people

Yes, but refuse to become like your enemies

Mark Irvine

September 11 2001