Thursday, 19 March 2020

Football, Religion and Politics

I thought Rangers took a big step forward in appointing Steven Gerrard as the club's new manager.

Although it could turn out to be a case of 'one step forward, two steps back with the news that Rangers new PR boss (David Graham) is a senior Orange Order member and DUP councillor who espouses a 'unionist, loyalist and protestant identity' for the club's fans.

Now for me football is a sport, hard fought at times for sure, yet one that has nothing to do with your politics or religion - and I suspect my outlook is shared by Steven Gerrard as well as the vast majority of Scottish football fans. 

But read the Daily Record's report on Rangers latest recruit  and decide for yourself.

Footage emerges of Rangers' new PR boss David Graham telling crowd 'no surrender' in speech about unionism

A clip surfaced online of DUP councillor David Graham addressing an event on the 'loyalist and protestant identity' of Light Blues fans.