Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Facebook - Normal Service Restored

So some cowardly moron has been trying to silence my site for the past few days by making completely false allegations to Facebook that my blog posts are abusive and go against its 'Community Standards. 

Here's a selection of the blog posts which were caught up in this bogus complaint.  

Singing Your Heart Out (28/02/20)

Trump - Cant Have It Both Ways! (28/02/20)

Michael O'Leary - Opinionated, Irreverent, Bad Boy (28/02/20)

Celtic Crash Out (28/02/20)

All American Asshole (26/02/20)

Glasgow One Year On! (27/02/20)

Educations, Education, Education (26/02/20)

Continuity Corbyn - 'I Love Him So' (18/02/20)

Sexual Predators at Play (25/02/20)

The Comeback Kids? (24/02/20)

Altered Images (24/02/20)

Glasgow - Higher Taxes, Fewer Services (21/02/20)

Glasgow - One Year On1! (25/02/20)

Every Picture Tells A Story (25/02/20)

Reverse Midas Touch (26/02/20)

Who Are You Calling Unskilled? (24/02/20)

Glasgow Councillors (24/02/20)

Feck Off, February (22/02/20)

Glasgow as Gotham! (23/02/20)

Braga and Bragging Rights (27/02/20)

Now as anyone can see for themselves there is nothing in these posts that any reasonable person could object to or describe as abusive.

So the complaint was malicious, a deliberate 'put up' job and I have asked Facebook to investigate the incident on that basis - and to identify the individual/s responsible.

Otherwise I'm pleased to say that these fools failed in their task and normal service has now been restored - thanks to all the readers who sent messages of support.