Monday, 3 June 2019

Trump's No Oil Painting

Donald Trump arrives in the UK today for a state visit, but the president looks as if his granny dressed him for the occasion, with overlong pants pulled up over his bellybutton. 


Trump's No Oil Painting (17/10/17)

Donald Trump is definitely no 'oil painting' yet the ghastly old groper-in-chief seems to think he has a free pass to comment on how other people look, especially women who have stood up to him in some way.

The latest example is his description of the adult film actress Stormy Daniels as 'Horseface' yet this is a woman with whom he had an affair (shortly after Melania Trump had given birth) and who made fun of his toadstool 'winkie'. 


Trump's No Oil Painting (01/07/17)

Here's a photograph of TV journalist Mika Brezezinski during her visit to Mar-a-Lago at the New Year.

In one of his unhinged Twitter tirades Donald Trump claimed that Mika was "bleeding badly from a face-lift" which is patently not true, as any impartial or reasoned observer can see.

Now Donald Trump is no oil painting himself, yet he seems think that he's free to comment on how other people look, especially women who wouldn't give this pussy-grabbing, cranky, old misogynist a second glance.


No Oil Painting (7 April 2013)

Here are two photographs I would invite readers to compare and contrast.

Both are shots of VIPs - the President of Argentina (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner) and the President of Uruguay (Jose Mujica).

Now in waiting to be joined by the Argentinian President - Jose Mujica was overheard on an open microphone saying: "This old hag is even worse than the cross-eyed man."

Now a Uruguayan newspaper then posted Jose's comments on its website - and highlighted the fact that President Kirchner's husband - whom she succeeded to become President - had a 'lazy eye'.

So it was perfectly logical to assume that President Mujica was being rather pass remarkable and terribly sexist towards President Kirchner - as well as unspekably rude towards her former (now deceased) husband, Nestor.

President Mujica has since denied that he had been talking about the Kirchners - without explain who else he could possibly have been referring to as - the 'old hag' and 'cross-eyed' man.

So, coming back to my first sentence does anyone - even the most biased Uruguayan have an ounce of sympathy for President Mujica? 

He's no 'oil painting' - as an friend of mine is fond of saying - yet feels free to indulge in this kind of pathetic, casual sexism.  

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Jose Mujica