Thursday, 6 June 2019

Tale of the Tape

Only 45% of Labour party members voted in last week's European elections and almost half (48%) of those who did supported parties led by someone other than Jeremy Corbyn.

Is Labour HQ going to expel them all, I wonder?


Twitter Fights (02/06/19)

Alastair Campbell has been expelled from the Labour Party after announcing that he voted for the Lib Dems in last week's European elections, as many party members did in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's lack of leadership on Brexit.

For some reason this prompted Glasgow's Gerry Hassan to be rude about Alastair and claim that Alastair had said he was voting Lib Dem "repeatedly" during the campaign.

Now as it turned out Gerry's claim was a load of old baloney which just goes to show that you shouldn't start a fight that you can't finish and you shouldn't believe everything you read on Twitter. 


Alastair Campbell

Pleased to be told by my local MP @Keir_Starmer he is writing to @uklabour @JennieGenSec or ‘acting’ Gen Sec Karie Murphy asking for my expulsion to be rescinded, my council leader Georgia Gould having already made same call

Gerry Hassan

Alastair Campbell is like a mini-Julian Assange in one respect. He thinks being accountable for his actions is for other people not him. You publicly supported the Lib Dems. Is your defence you were so naive you had never ever read Labour rules?

Leon Green

He said he voted for them after the fact. Plenty of others have said the same and not been expelled. And anti Semites have been allowed repeatedly to be racist with no action taken or taking a long time before action. Having rules is fine, but apply them fairly and consistently.

Gerry Hassan

Campbell said repeatedly in the campaign he was voting Lib Dem. Shouldnt be one rule for the elite & celeb Labour members. And he just loves making the story abt him. Labour does have a prob with anti-semitism & has failed to act.

Mark Irvine

Where and when did Alastair Campbell ‘repeatedly’ say he was going to vote Lib Dem?

Leon Green

News to me...and I follow political news a little more closely than the average person...

Mark Irvine
I'm waiting on Gerry responding to my tweet - I follow the political news pretty closely as well, Brexit in particular, but I haven't seen anything to back up Gerry's claim. So I'll be interested to hear where this was 'repeatedly' stated before and not after the Euro elections

Alastair Campbell

Could you show me the evidence of my ‘saying repeatedly’ I was voting Lib Dem? And it you have none (which you don’t) go find a little stone under which to hide

Mark Irvine

I think it's fair to say that Gerry bit off more than he could chew there!

Gerry Hassan

I will take your word you didnt say you were voting Lib Dem pre-vote. Did hear you endlessly prevaricate abt how you were voting. And grow up man & accept for once the consequences of your actions. You publicly said you voted Lib Dem; assume you know Lab rules.

Mark Irvine‏ @Mark1957
If I remember correctly, Gerry you prevaricated endlessly before finally deciding to vote Remain in the 2016 EU referendum. I see you're now eating your own words regarding AC, but why pick a fight with you can't finish?