Friday, 7 June 2019

Take A Bow, Mark Martin!

Not all Glasgow Claimants are 'selfish sods' who keep  asking the same dumb questions which have been answered over and over again.

In fact, in my experience, the vast majority of Claimants are really nice, friendly, considerate people who are not always banging on about - Me, Me, Me Me!

And here's a great example from a chap called Mark Martin who regularly pops up on the Equal Pay facebook page and is unfailingly polite, positive and cheerful.

Mark got in touch with me to point out that the new A4ES App (created by our own in-house genius Karl Bromley) did not shut down automatically and stayed open when people just swiped the App to close.

The point being that it is much safer, from a security point of view, to log out of the system altogether as well as being more considerate to other A4ES users who might be trying to log on.    

So Mark Martin asked me to raise this with Karl B (instead of sending an email himself) which I duly did and here's what Karl B had to say in reply.

Thanks Mark (Martin),

I have now introduced an automatic log out function so that it will kill the connection after 10 minutes.

Kind regards


Now isn't that just great, so selfless and helpful - and it also goes to show that there are other geniuses out there, not just those working with A4ES. 

So take a bow Mark Martin, you definitely deserve one - and I look forward to seeing you and buying you a drink at PayFest on Saturday 6 July!


Karl B - Readers' Comments (01/06/19)

Here's a selection of readers' comments from Glasgow Claimants who seem rather pleased with Karl B's new client tracker App.


Thank you Karl x


He certainly is x


Brilliant Karl x thankyou xx 💞👏


Brilliant what a wee clever clogs our Karl is x


Excellent just gets better and better xx


👏👏Got it 👏👏


Is this Karl Bromley human or some kind of superior intelligence from another world . No end to this mans talent .
Oh yes it works as just tried it 👌


What a guy👌👌👌👌. Just downloaded it brilliant 🤗🤗🤗


Got it. This group has taught me how too use a laptop and now install apps😂😂😃


Got it! Ta much A4ES❤️


Karl B - Genius At Work (01/06/19)

When he's not trying on kilts for PayFest, or staying up through the night to sort out people's settlement offers, Karl Bromley manages to turn his mind to other things - such as setting up a new App so that A4ES clients can keep bang up to date with progress on their claims. 

See Facebook post below from Stefan.



The genius that is Karl Bromley has now created an app for our clients so you can now keep up with client tracker on your phones, too.

We have now added the Play store and Apple store Icons to the footer of our website were the apps can be downloaded. You can also search for the apps in Play store and Apple store by searching A4ES. The app works similar to the online version and will require you to firstly enter in your Ni Number and Password to gain access to the app.

Happy appy

Stefan Cross

Karl, Kilts and PayFest 2019 (06/05/19)

I kept Karl B company on his mission last week to get 'kilted-out' for PayFest 2019 - Glasgow's big equal pay party.

Now if this handsome photo is anything to go by, I suspect Karl (who has never worn a kilt before incidentally) will become a big, star turn at The Barrowlands event

Perhaps only to be outshone by those of us who wish to witness Stefan on the receiving end of a 'rub down' with a hot pie.


Glasgow - Hot Pie Rub Down (28/10/19)

I laughed my head off at some of the comments Glasgow claimants made in response to Stefan's interview in The Times.

More to follow shortly, but this particular one caught my eye:

I'd still give u a free bed bath or a rub down wi a hot pie xxx


I might just have to give Stefan's wife, Alison, a ring to explain that a 'hot pie' is a famous Glasgow delicacy and that her man will be perfectly safe when he visits next week.