Saturday, 22 June 2019

PayFest - Photos and Memories

Some more great photos for the Social Media Wall at PayFest.

Keep them coming - the more the merrier: 


PayFest - Memories and Photos (06/06/19)

PayFest just wouldn't be the same without the famous Carrot Photo!

So many thanks to all the Claimants who have shared their memories and images of the fight for equal pay in Glasgow by email, Facebook and Twitter.

And keep them coming because it's definitely a case of the more the merrier to help create what will be a really memorable atmosphere at The Barrowlands on Saturday 6th July 2019.

My email address again is:


PayFest 2019 - Glasgow's Big Equal Pay Party 

To help PayFest go with a real bang we have organised a Social Media Wall which will be on display throughout the evening.

The Social Media Wall will post people's photos to highlight key events from the long fight for equal pay in Glasgow - the various marches, rallies and strike days - as well as photos from the evening of PayFest itself (Saturday 6 July) which party-goers will be able to post via their mobile phones.

So to get things going, I've being asked to gather in lots of photos - snaps people took during the strike days, on the picket lines, the 'Suffragettes' protest, and the big October 2018 March and Rally in George Square.

Winston the Weimeraner

I remember some folk had really great costumes and banners (a Tiger and a Carrot spring to mind, for some reason), but what I'd like is for as many people as possible to send their photos to me in a J-peg format at the following email address:

A J-peg is the format used on your mobile phone, so it should be really easy just to forward your photos on to me and, in turn, I will pass them on to Cameron Connecting Ideas (a company not a person) who are helping us to organise the PayFest event.

Here's a link to Cameron ( which explains what they do and nearer the date of PayFest I will post another link to be used on the evening of Saturday 6th July itself.

So start emailing your photos to me and let's get things moving for what will be a memorable evening at The Barrowlands.