Tuesday, 18 June 2019

'PayFest' News - Van Winkle

The latest PayFest news is that the Van Winkle Bar and Grill is now fully booked for the pre-party bash on Saturday 6th July 2019.

Although I'm told that Van Winkle has a 'sister' restaurant called Mharsanta in the Merchant City which is only 5 minutes walk from The Barrowlands.

So I'll check and see if there are any special offers on the go for PayFest partygoers.


‘PayFest' News - Van Winkle (08/06/19)

Our new friends at the Van Winkle Bourbon Bar and Grill have offered to help get PayFest started with a bang by organising a pre-party bash between 5.00 and 7.30pm on Saturday 6th July.

I understand lots of people are already planning to head into town early that evening to grab a bite to eat before the main event gets underway.

Van Winkle's speciality is BBQ which will be fired up especially for PayFest partygoers, it has a full bar including a big selection of cocktails, a fantastic beer garden and is right across the road from The Barrowlands.


So you couldn’t really find a better location.

In addition the Bar is offering to host a unique event for PayFest partygoers only that evening and will also lay on some drink tastings with Rebel Yell (Bourbon) and Eden Mill (Gin), if enough people are keen to attend.

The venue can hold a maximum of 150 customers and it’s important to reserve a place at what would be an early evening event for PayFest partygoers only.

Spaces can be reserved via the following email address - just give your name, contact number and number of places you would like to reserve.

Here’s a link to the Van Winkle Bar and Grill which includes details of the food and drinks menu:


See you there and across the road at The Barrowlands - where PayFest itself gets underway at 7.30pm sharp.