Monday, 10 June 2019

PayFest - Mural for Glasgow

PayFest 2019 is first and foremost about having great night out to celebrate what the Claimants have achieved in their long fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council.

But there is a serious side to the event as well which is to raise funds to pay for a lasting tribute to this long-running dispute from the sale of PayFest tickets - priced at just £10 to make the event affordable for everyone. 

Action 4 Equality Scotland is meeting the costs of organising this event at The Barrowlands - the Live band, DJ etc - so all the proceeds from ticket sales are going towards a lasting tribute to Glasgow's long fight for equal pay.

One idea is to have a Mural painted on the gable end of a building and there are lots of examples in the city these days including the Billy Connolly inspired murals. 

An artist will need to be commissioned to do the work, but discussions are already underway and I'll keep people informed of progress via the blog site.

In the meantime, readers can help by suggesting suitable building that might fit the bill in or around the city centre. If so, drop me a note and if possible a photo to my email address at:

No decisions have been made about the theme of the mural, as yet, but the two images in this post might provide some inspiration.

The one below is from the movie 'Made in Dagenham' and the one above is a photo of the rally in George Square following Glasgow's historic equal pay strike in October 2018.   


Connolly 'Flabbergasted' (13/06/19)

How nice is this? - Billy Connolly is 'flabbergasted' at three new murals celebrating the Big Yin's life and times in his home city of Glasgow.

The murals are a 75th birthday present to Connolly, based on original portraits by the Scottish artists John Byrne, Jack Vettriano and Rachel MacLean.

I suspect it will be hard to pass by any of these buildings without thinking fondly of Connolly who is a great ambassador for Glasgow and Scotland - such a great tribute to one of the funniest men in the world.