Sunday, 23 June 2019

Into My Arms

I'm not a religious person, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying songs and music with a religious theme.

Including this track from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Into My Arms - which features in the soundtrack of the great 'After Life' series from Ricky Gervais.


Among the Living (06/05/19)

Here's a great song from the After Life soundtrack - 'Among the Living' by The Thorns. 


After Life (04/05/19)

If you haven't done so already, do yourself a favour and tune in to Ricky Gervais' 'After Life' series on Netflix.

It's a comedy about love and death which sounds like an odd mix, but the cast and scriptwriting are terrific as they portray with brutal honesty the impact of unbearable grief on the human spirit.

And it's also got one of the best 'kick ass' soundtracks I've heard in a long time including this 1970s hit 'Lady Marmalade' by Patti La Belle.

Maybe one for the PayFest playlist?