Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Glasgow Settlement - Reader's Comment

Here's another reader's comment about Glasgow's hard fought for equal pay settlement. 

Hi Stefan and the A4ES team. 

Would like to thank you all for the years of hard work you put into the fight for us.

We would never have achieved this without you. Appreciate everything you have done. 

Thanks again 



Glasgow Settlement - Reader's Comment (18/06/19)

Lots of A4ES clients have been in touch to share their thoughts on the settlement with Glasgow City Council - here's a typical example.  

Hi Mark 

For 12 years now l have been awaiting the outcome of this fight l received my offer and was so grateful and delighted to receive it, it will allow for much needed changes in my house 

Like so many of us l cannot believe the moaning that is going on amongst the council workers clearly some have not read the confidentiality form that they were asked to sign l work part-time and so did not expect to get paid as much as a worker on full-time hours but as we have heard not everyone thinks this where there is money there is also jealousy

Also to the workers who are complaining about getting money taken off them for council tax etc, l'm sorry but it's a bill we all have to pay so is it not better to have that paid and start afresh?

So anybody who still comes up to me and asks what did you get l will still tell you - 'It's none of you business' no matter how many times you ask me 

Thanks again Mark to you and the team from a grateful council worker