Thursday, 6 June 2019

Glasgow City Council - New Claims

I've been inundated with enquiries in the past few days from people keen to pursue an equal pay claim against Glasgow City Council (GCC). 

The key point to realise is that the Glasgow's 'unfit for purpose' WPBR pay scheme remains in place until the WPBR is replaced by a new, non-discriminatory job evaluation scheme (JES). 

Now the process of replacing the WPBR is underway, but this won't be completed until perhaps 2021, so existing GCC employees and new GCC employees continue to have a potential equal pay claim until the new JES is finally introduced. 

Anyone in a valid job category who is still employment of GCC or has been employed in the last 5 years can lodge a claim with A4ES. 

Claimants can recover a maximum of 5 years back pay compensation from the date that A4ES lodges an equal pay complaint with the Employment Tribunals. 

Any new equal pay claims by law can only go back a maximum of 5 years from the date of your submission and also counts going forward until the complaint is resolved. 

In other words, if you put your claim in now (2019) it will go back to 2014 (if you have 5 years service) and will also count going forward until the claim has been resolved, possibly in 2021.

The best way to register a new claim is via the A4ES web site which you can find via the following link: