Monday, 10 June 2019

Donald the D-Day Doofus

Donald Trump made an even bigger fool of himself than normal by using the backdrop of the D-Day and the Normandy landings to launch a political attack on folks back home including the widely respected Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a decorated American war veteran.


Draft Dodger Trump (11/03/17)

President Donald Trump wears a flight jacket and an admiral's cap aboard the Gerald R. Ford carrier

Donald Trump is posing here in a flight jacket and admiral's cap during a recent visit to an aircraft carrier, but it's worth pointing out that America's commander-in-chief is a 'draft dodger' who received no less than five deferments from serving in the Vietnam War.

Apparently one of these deferments was down to 'bone spurs' in both heels although this condition didn't seem to hold Trump back during his four years at university during which time he was regarded as a 'student athlete' who played football, basketball, baseball tennis and squash.

Clearly, self-obsessed narcissists like Trump have no qualms about indulging in such cowardly. shameless behaviour.

Donald J. Trump, center, as a high school senior in 1964 at the New York Military Academy. CreditNew York Military Academy