Sunday, 9 June 2019

Corbyn Sucks

Matt Chorley's points out, fairly if you ask me, that the worst thing to happen to Labour this week was their narrow win in the Peterborough by-election, since any decent opposition should by now be miles ahead of the most incompetent Tory Government in history.  

"I know politics is all about the Tories and their self-important self-destruction but at some point we might wake up and wonder how we didn’t notice the terrible state the opposition is in. Is it possible Corbyn is just doing it as a bet?"

The vast majority of Labour party members and supporters are in favour of the European Union and back a democratic People's Vote on the final terms of any Brexit Deal - yet Corbyn stubbornly refuses to face up to reality.

Corbyn isn’t a negative force, he’s no force at all, just a vacuum that sucks

By matt chorley - The Times

Jeremy Corbyn had a terrible day yesterday, and not because his attempt to address an ungrateful nation on TV was spoilt by a woman shouting “racist c***” at him. He managed to resist the obvious temptation to say “I’m not a c*** actually”.

No, the worst thing that could have happened to Corbyn in particular and Labour in general was winning the Peterborough by-election. This will be seized on as proof that everything with his something-for-everyone, pleasing-no-one Brexit policy is just fine and dandy. Which it really isn’t.

Instead, the Labour Party is like a months-old apple on an autumn lawn. It still looks about right, but touch it and it crumbles, rotten to its core, hollowed out by wasps and other unpleasant pests.

It has been a terrible week for Corbyn, even by his standards. He made a great song and dance on Monday about how he was going to protest against Donald Trump in “solidarity” with those the president had attacked. He ran out of Twitter characters so didn’t have space to mention that he had asked for an audience with the president but got snubbed.

“I don’t know Jeremy Corbyn,” Trump declared. The noise you could hear was Labour spinners willing the president to give their man a kicking. It would play well with the base. All Trump could manage was that Corbyn was a “negative force”. If only. Corbyn has reached the point where he is no force at all. He is a vacuum. He really sucks.

On Tuesday Corbyn almost missed his slot to berate Trump from a stage on Whitehall (“We are the whole wonderful mosaic of diversity and inclusion”) because he was too busy chatting on the way out of shadow cabinet. That’s Jezza though, he’ll speak to anyone. Just ask the IRA.