Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Brexit - Labour Finds Its Voice

Tom Watson gives the sort of full throated, pro-Europe speech which has been sadly absent from the Labour front bench ever since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.


Corbyn's Labour (15/06/19)

A big majority of Labour Party members and supporters are in favour of the European Union and back a People's Vote on the final terms of any Brexit Deal.

Which might help explain why Labour is languishing in the polls under Jeremy Corbyn's 'leadership'.


Sean Speaks Out (11/06/19)

I'm 58 &a half, never been in a fight, rarely have an argument. Worked at the dole for 29 years & had a good reputation amongst my customers. Calm, level headed & rarely swear, but fucking useless @jeremycorbyn makes my blood boil, the duplicitous fucking scrote.

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Jeremy Corbyn's 'shit leadership' of the Labour Party is driving many members and supporters to despair including Sean who has decided to speak his mind on Twitter.


Labour's Worst Leader Ever (09/05/19)

Here's an interesting graph which provides further evidence, as if any is required, to show that Jeremy Corbyn is the worst Labour leader in modern history.


Brexit, Anti-Semitism and Shit Leadership (05/05/19)

Tony Robinson is not your run-of-the-mill celebrity who likes to bang on about politics occasionally - he's the 'real deal' having served the Labour party at Branch, Constituency and NEC (National Executive Council) level for 45 years.

The reasons for Tony's momentous decision are:

  • Labour's duplicity over Brexit
  • Labour's anti-semitism
  • Labour's shit leadership

I’ve left the Labour Party after nearly 45 years of service at Branch, Constituency and NEC levels,partly because of it’s continued duplicity on Brexit, partly because of it’s antisemitism, but also because its leadership is complete shit.

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All I can say is that I can identify with all three reasons and I think it's true to say that under almost any other leader Labour would be miles ahead of the Tories. 


Labour's Worst Leader Ever (05/05/19)

Jeremy Corbyn refused to share a platform with other political parties opposed to Brexit during the great EU referendum in 2016.

Yet here's a Labour spokesperson confirming that Corbyn is working hard to 'bail out' a discredited Tory Government and deliver Brexit in 2019.

Against the clear will of the vast majority of Labour members and supporters who oppose Brexit and back a People's Vote on the final terms of any proposed deal.  

Embedded video

Gardiner: “We are in there trying to bail you guys out...”

Why? Most Labour members, voters, MPs, MEPs, unions etc. don’t want Brexit. So why the fuck are you trying to bail the Tories out?

WTF has happened to Labour?

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Labour's Worst Leader Ever (29/04/19)

Despite the mess of Brexit and turmoil in the Tory Party, Jeremy Corbyn still has a worse performance rating (at -65%) than Theresa May.

I imagine this has to do with the fact that Corbyn is still firmly pro-Brexit event though the vast majority of Labour members and supporters are Remainers - who back a democratic People's Vote on the final terms of any Brexit deal.


Worst Labour Leader Ever (11/11/18)

Jeremy Corbyn showed his true colours over Brexit with the following comment to Germany's Der Spiegel magazine:

"We can't stop it. The referendum took place. Article 50 has been triggered. What we can do is recognise the reasons why people voted Leave."

Now the day after the great EU referendum the Labour leader called for Article 50 to be triggered even though wiser heads (even Tory heads) counselled, at the time, that there was absolutely no need to rush headlong into difficult Brexit negotiations.

So it has proved and Jezza is quite wrong to say that Brexit can't be stopped or that Article 50 can't be revoked.

What a complete fool the man is the worst ever Labour leader.