Saturday, 20 January 2018

Where's Richard? (16/01/18)

What has Richard Leonard been Tweeting about these past couple of days?

Well here's what I pulled off the Scottish Labour leader's Twitter feed earlier today - and surprise, surprise there's not a word about the fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.

How very disappointing, especially as Labour-led Glasgow City Council:
  • created the equal pay problem in the first place
  • defended the indefensible WPBR pay scheme for 10 years
  • even though Scotland's highest court judged the WPBR to be 'unfit for purpose'
But maybe there's time for Richard to show some leadership by calling on Labour councillors in Glasgow to accept the unanimous judgment of the Court of Session. 

  1. The collapse of Carillion will have a huge impact on people's jobs, pensions & contracts. We need to know the extent of exposure, both for construction & facilities management projects across the public sector. The Scottish & UK governments should act urgently to save jobs.
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  3. Great to be out speaking to voters with our brilliant by-election candidate for Bonnybridge and Larbert, Linda Gow.

  4. Great to be in Dalkeith this morning talking with members about our positive message of
  5. Reminder in today’s that on January 13 1893 Keir Hardie and others formed the Independent Labour Party. In doing so Hardie sought not to modestly tinker with the structure of society, but rather to radically change it from the root up.