Thursday, 2 July 2020

'Astonishing and Shameful' vs 'Shameful and Unacceptable'

While Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon traded barbs yesterday over whose government is more 'astonishing', 'shameful' and/or 'unacceptable' the big unanswered question remains:

"Why is the wearing of face masks not being made compulsory in public spaces where social distancing is difficult or impossible?" 

Now I was out and about in Glasgow yesterday and it's pretty clear that life in the city is getting back to normal, as it should because the bulk of the population can't stay at home indefinitely.

Here's a queue for Primark 'around the block' on Argyll Street which speaks for itself.

So the emphasis going forward should be on social distancing, wearing face masks and high standards of personal hygiene to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Yet despite all the evidence our politicians continue to drag their feet and follow a different path from our neighbours in Europe or New York City.