Thursday, 6 February 2020

Glasgow City Council

I am used to talking about Glasgow City Council in relation to equal pay, but I've had my own reasons to contact the Council recently, as a local citizen, and my experience has been far from good, I'm sad to say.

The Council has been replacing the kerbstones and re-laying the footpath along London Road, where I live, which is 'fair do's' as they say because this kind of work has also been carried out in other parts of the city centre, notably in the Merchant City and around The Barras.

In passing, I should mention that the upgrading works in the Merchant City and around The Barras used much better materials with no expense being spared on very high quality paving stones, for example.

Anyway to cut a long story short, the week before Christmas I noticed the Council's contractor had missed out a small section of the footpath outside our building even though the kerbstones were all old and worn, and the pavement had been dug up on numerous occasions previously (a common problem).

In other words the kerbstones and footpaths along the this particular part of London Road are/were in exactly  the same condition as our neighbours.

Yet all these weeks later I am challenging the Council to explain how it can justify treating one small part of the city centre so very differently from the rest of the local area.

If you ask me this is not good, efficient or responsive  local government - emails have had to be chased up, the relevant council officials seem reluctant to meet to explain their actions and instead of 'opening up' the Council has closed ranks, so far at least. 

No wonder I resent having to spend so much of my time and energy in trying to fix a mess of the Council's own making.