Monday, 10 February 2020

Fake President

Donald Trump doesn't drink alcohol (he's mad enough as it is), but if you ask me his ridiculous fake tan line makes him the perfect person to advertise Oranjeboom lager. 


President Sharpie (09/09/19)

Donald Trump's adventures with a Sharpie pen have spawned a whole series of hilarious internet memes which are bound to get under his notoriously thin skin.

Trump proves he really is taller than President Obama 

Trump's inauguration day crowds were absolutely massive

Trump's border wall - though Mexico's still not paying

Trump does not have small hands

Trump's is not a 'fat shamer' and works out like a beast 

Trump acquires Greenland for America 

Trump gets his hands off President Obama's birth certificate

Trump says: "Jeffrey Who? Never heard of him."


Trump - Altered Images (05/09/19)

Donald Trump stands accused of altering a Government weather map with a 'sharpie' pen to bolster his bogus claim that the state of Alabama was about to be hit by Hurricane Dorian.

You can see quite clearly the white 'bubble' showing the path of the hurricane and its predicted landfall in Florida - to which some doofus (i.e. Donald) has added an additional black line to encompass the bottom right hand corner of Alabama.

The world's only 'unstable hurricane expert' has form in this area, of course, and this attempt to doctor an official government weather map can only make Trump look even more ridiculous, if you ask me.


Unstable Hurricane Expert ((03/09/19)

Here's a short video from the world's only unstable hurricane expert - the increasingly unhinged Donald Trump.


Sharknado Trump - Bombs Away! (02/09/19)

Donald Trump has to be the dumbest president in America's history, but the scientific community is fighting back against his unhinged suggestion about dropping nuclear bombs on hurricanes.