Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Glasgow's Fight For Equal Pay

Here's a fantastic letter that the daughter of a Glasgow equal pay claimant has written to Susan Aitken, Leader of the City Council, and Nicola Sturgeon, MSP for Glasgow Southside and Scotland's First Minister. 

Now this young woman clearly has a gift for words and I understand that she's still at school - where she's been studying women's rights and democracy, would you believe!

Well she has a very  bright future ahead of herself, if you ask me.

And I only hope the politicians are listening carefully to what she has to say - because her words and the passion of her argument over equal pay would put many a Glasgow council official, elected councillor, MSP and MP to shame.

Now that's what I call standing up and speaking out.


Hello, good day Mam.

This is the daughter of MC.

I was wondering if when I'm older this will effect my generation as I watch my mum complain about this it starts to annoy me even more knowing that my mum and loads of other mothers aren't getting payed the right wages all of yous act like its not a big thing when it clearly is.

As you see you are taking mothers and fathers away from there children as there parents have to do overtime so they can make decent wage to live, many mothers and fathers wish they could see there kids at night but sometimes in a day all in all I'm lucky if I see my mum for an hour because I come in the door then she's gone. 

Think back to when you were younger would you like it if you only saw your mum or dad for an hour if lucky? 

Anyways I would like to say get this sorted soon because before you know it they will all be out on strike and yous will have no one to turn back to but for now remind the council they have lost the battle and should just deal with it and give out the money they seem to be able to pay other council workers the right amount.

So why not pay our mothers and fathers the right wages. When at Christmas time your sitting with you kids and family having a lovely time while our parents have to rush there food just to watch there kids open a few presents while you sit there watching your kids the whole day having fun. 

Not complaining on the job my mum does because I know my mum likes her job just annoys me and probably a lot of other children my age that there mums and dads don't get payed the right wages for what they do. 

I know that you promised you would sort this for them as this was one of your manifesto commitments to sorting equal pay. 

I hope that you keep to your promise and get this sorted as I can't bear seeing my mum and other parents complaining and feeling let down by the leader yourself on witch you promised to sort I look forward to hearing from yourself.
Thank you for taking your time today to read this

Yours sincerely

MC's daughter

PS Since I wrote this post I hear that MC's daughter received a very disappointing reply in the shape of a 'standard' letter from the Council leader Susan Aitken. 

I've only had a very quick look at this letter, but it seems the same, or very similar, to one that the leader's office released several days ago. I'll have a more detailed search later today and have more to say on the blog soon.