Monday, 7 May 2018

Glasgow - Readers' Comments

Here's another great example of a Glasgow claimant getting a strong message across over the role of the Scottish Government in the fight for equal pay in Scotland's largest council. 

Dear Sir,

I thank you for your reply dated 20/4/2018 in respect of my previous correspondence to Ms Sturgeon on the above subject.

I fully understand that "Councils are independent of the Scottish Government and are responsible for meeting legal obligations to their employees, including those on equal pay"

The problem we have is that the " officials" who implemented the WPBR scheme in the first place, are the same officials who are now negotiating with our representatives. Therefore it is totally illogical for these people to be negotiating something that they implemented and got us into this mess in the first place. The analogy can only be described as follows;-

The "fox is still in the hen house playing by it's rules, and is not letting the farmer in to protect his hens"

We have been battling against this official administration for going on 12 years, they have spent over 2 million pounds, Yes!!!! £2,000,000 of public money i.e. my money and yours defending their stance which has been found to have discriminated their employees and been found unfit for purpose by Scotland's highest court.

Their refusal to scrap their " invented" WPBR job evaluation scheme and replace it with a fairer system is endemic of their complete lack of respect for their hard working female and male colleagues as Cordia employees and the Glasgow Tax Payers who will remember the First Minister Ms Sturgeons promise at the SNP conference last year that this matter will be dealt with without delay and "Ministers have repeatedly made it clear that delays by councils in settling equal pay claims are completely unacceptable" your words not mine.

The fact that workers are now being balloted to consider strike action and be assured this is not something we as care workers take lightly as it will have a devastating impact on the social care provision for our clients and will certainly impact on the way that the SNP political administration, although supportive, will be seen in the wider community within the city. Once care workers withdraw their services the Glasgow public will be up in arms that it has come to this and none of the political parties have told the administration officials that they require to replace the WPBR scheme for negotiations to move forward bearing in mind that the longer this goes on the more costly it will be in the end for the council and subsequently for the Scottish Government.

People will remember with their votes at the next election who was in charge during the negotiations of this sordid affair and the SNP will, unfortunately, not come out of this in a good light, I can assure you.

Yours Sincerely 


Given the likely size of the bill Glasgow is not in a position to finance the cost on its own - at the very least the City Council will require extra borrowing over a longer than usual repayment period - and this can only be done with the help and approval of the Scottish Government.