Thursday, 17 May 2018

Glasgow - GMB Statement

The GMB have issued the following positive statement after considering the Council's response to the Claimants' settlement proposals. 

The message ahead of today's lobby of the Council is:

 "Get Serious, Glasgow!"


Equal Pay Update

Yesterday afternoon the claimant side (GMB, Unison and Action for Equality) received a response from the Council to our settlement proposal. The Council has stressed the confidentiality of the document so we cannot discuss the details but we can give you our general response.
We’re disappointed- to say the least. The document gives us a starting point, but a starting point we should have had 6 months (or 12 meetings) ago. It doesn’t tell us what you’re due or what they’re offering.
This paper highlights what we’re fighting for. I know many members have recently been frustrated that their fellow members aren’t out at demos or attending meetings. Part of this, we believe, comes from the fact that members think they will automatically get what they are owed.
This isn’t the case.
The document we have been sent shows that the Council are trying to pay you the absolute minimum they can get away with. Elected officials should be under no illusion that they will be allowed to get away with this. We won’t accept a settlement that doesn’t actually address the inequality you have suffered or secure parity for all claimants.
We meet again with the Council next Tuesday to make your case.
Angry? Us too. Here’s what you can do:
1. VOTE YES- return your strike ballot NOW and vote yes.
PROTEST- this Thursday (17th) there is a Full Council Meeting. We’re holding a demo at 12.30 outside the City Chambers
JOIN- join the GMB strike committee and help organise YOUR strike
Let us know you'll be at the demo!