Thursday, 10 May 2018

Glasgow - Breaking News!

Later today I will be sharing an important letter on the blog site which I am sending to all elected members of Glasgow City Council.

The letter explains the background to an ongoing battle with the City Council over the role played by senior officials when the WPBR pay scheme was introduced back in 2005/07.

Now Glasgow supports a policy of 'openness and transparency' when it comes to its decision making processes, yet senior officials have refused my FOI request on the grounds that it would cost more than £600 to provide the relevant information. 

In  my view the real reason for refusing my FOI request is that a full explanation is likely to show Glasgow's officials in a poor light and perhaps contradict their claim to have acted in good faith over the WBPR.

So I would urge Glasgow claimants to raise this issue directly with local councillors, MSPs and MPs by email - and share the letter far and wide via Facebook and Twitter. 


Glasgow - What We Know, So Far (07/05/18)

Here's what we know, so far, regarding my FOI requests on the 'Exit Packages' paid to senior officials of Glasgow City Council. 

Official 1
In 2010/11 the council's former chief solicitor (Ian Drummond) was awarded 'added years' which boosted his already generous pension pot by £250,000 according to my calculations

Total - £250,000

Officials 2 and 3

In 2013/14 two GCC officials left with Exit Packages worth £310,000 (in cash value) and with the pension boost of added years valued at £141,000.

Officials 4 and 5
In 2013/14 another two officials left with Exit Packages worth £380,000 (in cash value) and with the pension boost of added years worth £179,000

Total - £1,010,000 (£451,000 + £559,000)

Official 6
In 2016/17 the council's former director of finance (Lynn Brown) was 'gifted' the sum of £120,079 to allow her to retire early and access her pension early.

Total - £129,079

Now these officials were all in post during the long fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council and were part of the senior management group which fought tooth and nail to resist the equal pay claims of their lowest paid employees - all the way to the Court of Session which decided that Glasgow's pay arrangements are 'unfit for purpose.

Yet this small group of just 6 senior Glasgow officials walked away with Exit Packages worth £1,389,079 which is quite astonishing if you ask me, especially given their role in protecting the interests of all council employees - including those at the bottom of the pay ladder.  

Please note that Glasgow City Council is currently refusing to answer my FOI request regarding the role that senior officials played in overseeing and introducing the WPBR - on the grounds that it would cost more than £600 to provide this information.