Sunday, 12 March 2017

Unsolicited Glasgow Letters

I published a post on the blog site a few days ago about readers in Glasgow (clients of A4ES) receiving unsolicited emails from the GMB trade union.

I said at the time that this was a piece nonsense, but the story has worked its way into the pages of The Evening Times which you can read via the link below.

In any event this whole business is already part of the long-running case against Glasgow City Council which goes to appeal at the Court of Session in April and May 2017.

So there's no need for A4ES clients to do anything at this stage other than to ignore the rather odd antics the GMB.

More than 150 carers lodge pay claim against employer Cordia

By Hannah Rodger - The Evening Times

DOZENS of staff have lodged pay claims against Glasgow's biggest home care provider.

Around 160 carers working for Cordia have lodged claims with ACAS through their trade union GMB.

GMB officials believe staff have been wrongly graded for non-standard working pattern (NSWP) hours, and say they are being underpaid by around £1400.

Staff have been scored by Cordia, which is an arms-length firm of Glasgow City Council, and have been awarded 19 points for their NSWP payments.

However union officials say they should receive pay equal to 21 points worth for the work they do.

NSWP payments are made for staff who work more than seven hours at the weekend, outside the hours of 6am - 8pm, and who are available for recall if needed.

The trade union say they have been left with no other option than to lodge the claim with ACAS, which helps to resolve workplace disputes, as Cordia management turned down a collective grievance last year.

Unsolicited Glasgow Letters (03/03/17)

A number of Glasgow readers have been in touch to say they've received unsolicited letters from the GMB union encouraging members to initiate another Employment Tribunal claim against Glasgow City Council (GCC).

Now the people who have contacted me are all existing clients of A4ES and they all have an equal pay claim registered against GCC, so this latest approach from the GMB is completely  unnecessary.

Maybe it's the GMB trying to make up for years of inactivity over equal pay in Glasgow, and elsewhere for that matter, but in any event there is not need for A4ES clients to do anything.

Except perhaps chuck these unsolicited letters in the bin.