Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Fight for Equal Pay

Here's a statement about 'equality' and fighting against discrimination of all kinds which I would like to draw to readers' attention ahead of an important post I plan to publish on the blog site tomorrow (Thursday).

"To seek to ensure equality of treatment and fair representation for all members and to work for the elimination of discrimination on grounds of race, gender, sexuality, gender identity, disability, age or creed.

"XXXXX shall seek to ensure that discriminatory acts are not committed against any persons by XXXXX, or or by its organs, members, or officers, on grounds such as race, gender, sexuality, gender identity, disability, age, creed or social class."

I hope every employee of the City Council reads this post today because tomorrow promises to be a bit of an eye opener.

The reason being that Scotland's 1999 Single Status (Equal Pay) Agreement was always  intended to raise the level of (low) pay for thousands of women whose jobs had been badly undervalued and underpaid for years - and that could not be done without closing the pay gap with their male colleagues.

So, in turn, this meant that anyone defending and trying to maintain this big 'equal pay' gap had to be betraying the interests of all the female council workers: carers, cooks, cleaners, catering workers, clerical staff, classroom assistants etc.

So tune in again tomorrow for the big 'reveal'.