Sunday, 19 March 2017

North Lanarkshire News

A reader from North Lanarkshire has been in touch to ask if I have any update about requests from equal pay claimants in NLC to have their equal pay settlements paid on a pensionable basis. 

I'm afraid I don't because this is a matter for North Lanarkshire Council to resolve though my understanding is that the Council has agreed to do so 'as soon as possible' and is currently working its way through the backlog of individual requests.

So the best thing to do would be to email the Council and ask for a progress report on your individual request and for an end date when the task will be completed.

If you feel the Council is dragging its feet, then start 'rocking the boat' by complaining and involving your local North Lanarkshire MSP and/or MP who, I imagine, will be only too willing to help and hold the council to account.

I've published the details of all North Lanarkshire MSPs and MPs on the blog site previously.