Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Leaders and Sell-By Dates

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Former leader of the Tory Party has a friendly word of advice for Jeremy Corbyn as a fellow member of an exclusive club which never meets, but is made up of Leaders of the Opposition at Westminster who are clearly well past their sell-by date. 

The full article is very funny although on the down side it is also behind The Telegraph's paywall.

Dear Jeremy Corbyn, take it from me – now is the time to resign
By WILLIAM HAGUE - The Telegraph

With his rock bottom ratings and loss of a Labour heartland seat - now is the time for Jeremy Corbyn to go CREDIT: RUSSELL CHEYNE/REUTERS

Over the last few days, following Labour’s loss of the Copeland constituency to the Conservatives, I have been trying to imagine myself as Jeremy Corbyn.

This, as you might suspect, is quite an effort. Every tax he wants to increase I would like to see reduced, and everything he wants to disarm I want to rearm. That’s even before we get to our radically differing amounts of hair.

Yet he and I do, despite these huge differences, have one very important attribute in common. We both belong to a small and exclusive club, numbering only a handful of living individuals. It is a club no one wants to join, and which, thankfully, never meets. It is the club of people who have been a beleaguered Leader of the Opposition.

Our other members include Ed Miliband and Iain Duncan-Smith. Were he still alive, Michael Foot would have been our honorary president.