Sunday, 19 March 2017

Having a Laugh

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Hugo Rifkind had an interesting in The Times the other day in which he predicted that their will be no winners in the 'neverendum' on Scottish independence.

Now people will be mulling over the wisdom of a second referendum and which way to vote two years down the line, but I found myself in complete agreement over Hugo's comment about the hapless Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

"Impressively, albeit not uncharacteristically, the person already in most of a mess about all of this is Jeremy Corbyn. On Saturday, he said that a second Scottish referendum would be “absolutely fine”. Yesterday he denied saying that, despite it being on film, before pretty much saying it again. Corbyn’s defence was that he actually meant Westminster shouldn’t block a second referendum if Holyrood wanted one, even though he personally didn’t. Presumably this means he’s now committed to voting for it, despite being against it. Man, he’s good. Either way, he’s also wrong. This will not be “absolutely fine”. Not for anyone."

Hugo hit the nail on the head there, if you ask me, and not for the first time Corbyn has proved himself to be a secret weapon for the Conservatives and Theresa May.