Thursday, 2 March 2017

Glasgow's Pay Arrangements

A contact of mine in Glasgow City Council has been in touch to say that a 'deal' was done between the Council and the trade unions back in 2006 - before the (WPBR) Workforce Pay and Benefits Review was introduced in 2007.

Apparently, this 'deal' with the unions guaranteed more favourable treatment to the Council's traditional male, bonus earning jobs - compared to women Council workers in non-bonus earning jobs (carers, cooks, cleaners, catering workers and so on).

Now if this proves to be correct, Glasgow will have behaved in exactly the same way as its near neighbours in North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Councils both of which are Labour-run councils, of course. 

I can't think of a bigger bombshell, I have to say, because this would be the equivalent of finding a 'smoking gun' after years of hand-to-hand combat with the City Council over its handling of equal pay. 

So I am patiently waiting on further details and if my Glasgow contact comes up with the goods, I'll share the details on the blog site.