Thursday, 3 November 2016

Scot Scran

My favourite culinary web site at the moment, by far, is 'Scot Scran' - the brainchild of Edinburgh chef Andrew Scott (26) who rustles his pots and pans under the pseudonym 'Dodie McMuckie' from Buckie.

Now I've been to Buckie, a town on Scotland's north east coast, during my work with A4ES on equal pay, but sadly I never tried Dodie's recipe for Stovies during my visit, much to my regret I have to say.

Dodie's tongue-in-cheek delivery in Doric makes it hard for non-Scots to follow his every word, though who could fail to be impressed by his description of the precise moment when the traditional dish of Stovies is good to go:

“If it looks like an amorphous brown sludge that you’d get after eating a barrel full of tainted curry, then great, you’re ready to serve.”

Now that is funny!