Sunday, 20 November 2016

Number Crunching

Jeremy Corbyn has worse poll ratings at - 33% than the hapless Iain Duncan Smith had in October 2003 (- 27%) when Conservative MPs finally booted their leader out, according to pollsters IpsosMORI. 

Now Jeremy Corbyn is not the only political leader to suffer such terrible ratings, but he is the first one to cling on limpet-like to office instead of doing the right thing and fallen on his own sword.

Private Eye, the UK's best and only fortnightly satirical magazine, takes pleasure in pointing out the absurdity of Jezza's position. 

MPs who backed Margaret Thatcher in her vote of confidence in 1990, despite which she had to stand down as Tory leader

MPs who backed Jim Callaghan in vote of confidence in 1979, as a result of which he had to step down as prime minister and call a general election

MPs who backed Iain Duncan Smith in vote of confidcen in 2003, as a result of which he had to stand down as Tory leader

MPs who backed Jeremy Corbyn in vote of confidence last week, despite which he flatly refuses to stand down as Labour leader 

And if I remember correctly, Scotland's Menzies Campbell stood down as leader of the Liberal Democrats in 2007 after a just a year in post, as it became increasingly obvious, to friend and foe alike, that he was simply not up to the demands of the job.