Sunday, 20 November 2016

North Lanarkshire Update

Here are some more kind words from a reader in North Lanarkshire reflecting on the long fight we've had with the Council over equal pay.

To all the wonderful workers at Action 4 Equality Scotland, especially you Mark.

All your hard work and dedication you have given us over the years. 

Without you our jobs would still be paying a pittance and we wouldn't have got anything in back pay. 

So thank you very much. 


I often get mentioned in dispatches, along with Stefan Cross, but the unsung hero during all these years is a young man called Karl Bromley.

Karl has been with A4ES from the outset and is still with us today; patiently and helpfully answering people queries and generally making a very complex operation work properly.

Karl is also something of a 'wizard' when it comes to information technology and the financial side of things.

So I will happily pass these comments on to my colleagues and can I say that it has been a real pleasure to 'persuade' council employers in Scotland to face up to their obligations over equal pay.