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Unrepresentative Unions

Unrepresentative Unions (07/05/16)

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Len McCluskey has every right to support the Labour Party, but the Unite boss is deluded if he thinks he's speaking for the wider union membership when he says that "The Labour Party is our party".   

Because in Scotland the standing of the Labour Party is at an all time low of around 20 to 25% and the truth is that far many more Unite members in Scotland support the SNP and parties other than Labour.

So Len should would do us all a favour by abandoning the bogus claim that Unite is a 'representative' organisation, because on the question of political affiliation in Scotland such a claim is self-evidently untrue.   

Labour was 'built to serve us', Unite boss Len McCluskey says

Len McCluskey, the Unite boss, says that Ed Miliband's flagship manifesto commitments are 'our policies'

Len McCluskey, General Secretary of the union Unite Photo: PA

By Steven Swinford - The Telegraph

Len McCluskey, the Unite leader, has said that the Labour Party was built "to serve us" and that Ed Miliband's flagship pledges are "our policies".

In his first major intervention of the election campaign, Mr McCluskey urged his members to "take back our country" and "restore decency, dignity and justice".

He claimed that David Cameron will "change our nation forever" with "cuts that will take us back to the 1930s" and union attacks that will "place us in chains".

Message sent by Unite's Len McCluskey to union members

His comments will fuel criticsm by the Conservatives that Ed Miliband is dependent on his union "paymasters".

According to the Electoral Commission Unite has given £19million to the Labour party under Mr Miliband, including £1.3million in the first two weeks of the General Election campaign.

Striking public sector workers protest in Trafalgar Square in central London Photo: REUTERS

The Conservatives claimed that Mr Miliband receives more than £4,392 an hour from the unions.

In the foreward to Unite's in-house magazine, Mr McCluskey said: "The Labour party is our party. We built it, to serve us, the people. Never forget, the rich and powerful have their party, the Tories.

"And Ukip is no friend - they are frauds, charlatans who will roll back every advance won by working people.

"One May 7, we can vote for a government that will build homes, give our kids hope, save our NHS and attack the evil of zero hours, hire and fire working.

"These are our policies. These are the changes that you have been fighting for these five long years. They are now withing our grasp."

He goes on to warn: "Do not for a moment forget this: should Cameron and his cronies win on May 7, they will change our nation forever - but not for better.

"Cuts that will take us back to the darkest days of the 1930s. Attacks on unions will place us in chains so we cannot defend you, our members. Our common wealth, the homes and services we have built and paid for over generations, will be destroyed, gifted to boardrooms so that they may feast on our riches."