Friday, 31 January 2014

Wee Things

I caught part of First Minister's Questions (FMQs) in the Scottish Parliament yesterday and was taken aback by the performance of the Labour leader, Johann Lamont.

Now FMQs has developed into an unseemly affair in recent times with the Labour leader continually calling into question the First Minister's integrity by calling him dishonest, a stranger to the truth and completely detached from reality.  

But Johann lost the plot altogether at yesterday's FMQs describing the potential new powers of an independent Scotland as "wee things". 

Earlier in their exchanges the First Minister, Alex Salmond, had reeled out a long list of 'gains' from independence including: 
  • control of: all taxes (e.g VAT, Corporation and Income Tax)
  • control of North Sea oil revenues and renewable energy policy
  • control over employment law and related issues such as the minimum wage
  • control of welfare policy and controversial issues such as the 'bedroom tax'
  • control of any decision for the country to go to war 
  • control of whether to get rid of or to replace Trident
The full list read out by Alex Salmond was even more extensive and the First Minister lost not time in telling Johann Lamont that she had made a complete folk of herself - a klutz, if you like.

And do you know what?

The First Minister was absolutely right.