Monday, 27 January 2014

Scots Subtitles

I enjoyed this report from the BBC about the Scots couple who had a close encounter with a black bear in California recently, but lived to tell the tale - complete with handy subtitles for anyone struggling with the Scottish accent.

Now a black bear is not as fearsome or dangerous a creature as the brown or 'grizzly' bear, but in the event of a fight an unarmed human would lose out every time.

So Bob McKeown was lucky to escape with a small scratch to his leg.  
Scottish couple's 'brush' with bear on holiday in California

Californian authorities: "It hasn't reached the levels of a public safety bear, it's just knocking though the neighbourhood"

A Scottish couple on holiday in California have had a close encounter with a bear.

The meeting happened as Bob and Rene McKeown came out of a house in Pasadena where they were staying and headed to their car.

Mr McKeown told a local TV station he felt "something brush his leg" before turning round and coming face-to-face with the brown bear.

The moment was captured on a surveillance camera.

As the couple leave the house the bear is seen hanging back before following them to the car.

Mr McKeown said: "Once I closed the door, I turned round and I shouted 'It's a bear, it's a bear. No.'"'Key wouldn't turn'

The next video clip shows him fumbling with his keys, desperately trying to get back into the house to call the emergency services.

"I ran up the stairs, trying to get in the door and the key wouldn't turn," he said.

The BBC's Los Angeles Correspondent, Alastair Leithead, said bears are a relatively common sighting around Pasadena, which backs on to the Angeles National Forest.

Sightings prompt hours of live news helicopter footage which often end with a tranquiliser dart.

He added: "This bear appears to have been a cub - neighbours said it had been going through bins and seemed to be friendly enough."

Mr McKeown suffered a scratch on the leg and, according to his wife, a slightly bruised ego.

"We are getting teased," she said.

"Our friends keep saying 'How did you not see it?' We just weren't looking."